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Metcalf Builders Inc. – Hyatt House and Hyatt Place

By Chris Kelsch – Construction Today

Technology clearly isn’t the only business booming in California’s Silicon Valley. As that industry continues to flourish, there is significant demand for business-centered hotels not just in the San Jose area, but all throughout the San Francisco peninsula.

Hence the need for a Hyatt House and Hyatt Place project, a 21-month build that broke ground in the late summer of 2016 and is expected to finish in May 2018. Given the activity surrounding the project, it’s easy to see the need for its development. A massive office project will add about 2 million square feet of office space right across the street. Additionally, Samsung Semiconductor is building a 680,000-square-foot headquarters just down the road from the Hyatt site.

Given the continued expansion in technology, a number of hotel chains including Kalthia Group Hotels and Sheraton are all planning facilities in the South Bay area. The Hyatt House/Hyatt Place combination, though, is a unique approach – while both hotels will cater to business travelers, the Hyatt Place portion will be seven stories, made predominantly of concrete and glass. The building will […]