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Hyatt Construction Update December 2017

Check out these new aerial photos from the Hyatt House and Hyatt Place in San Jose.

Housing shortage a leading issue for Carson City – Metcalf Builders in the News

As featured in the Nevada Appeal by Ann Knowles on January 6th, 2018

Carson City officials expect to take on a range of complex issues in 2018.

A new waste management contract is on the horizon and could change how the city recycles. A new formula for stormwater rates is being considered to more equitably distribute costs. And major road projects are underway as the city, like cities and counties everywhere, continues to struggle with how to pay for routine upkeep of its streets.

Probably no issue is more complicated than housing, which should be front and center in the coming year.

“We need more affordable housing in Carson City,” said Mayor Bob Crowell. “There is definitely a housing shortage.”


As anyone who has looked for an apartment to rent or a house to buy in the last year can attest, Carson City’s housing problems run the gamut.

“The market is 100 percent occupied,” said Jeni Chavez, director of Rental and Housing Programs, Nevada Rural Housing Authority.

NRHA just completed a statewide housing study. In Carson City, the group found […]

San Jose Hyatt Construction Update September 2017

Check out the latest construction photos for the Hyatts!

San Jose Hyatt Construction Update August 2017

Check out these areal shots from August! The Hyatt House and Place are starting to take form.  

Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Reno wins Hospitality Development of the Year

As featured in the 12th Annual Summit Awards from Northern Nevada Business Weekly

Published on May 29, 2017

The Summit Awards is the premier annual event that recognizes the success of distinguished commercial agents, brokers, developers, property managers as well as commercial projects in the Northern Nevada region.

Courtyard by Marriott Reno Downtown/Riverfront                                                                                                                                                                   1 Ballpark Lane, Reno

Developer: Basin Street Properties                                                                                                         […]

San Jose Hyatt Construction Update May 2017

Check out the latest Arial photos of the San Jose Hyatts from Sharp Shots Arial Photography.


Foundations poured and concrete walls are going up.

San Jose Hyatt May 2017

San Jose Hyatt May 2017

San Jose Hyatt May 2017

San Jose Hyatt May 2017

San Jose Hyatt May 2017

San Jose Hyatt May 2017

San Jose Hyatt May 2017

San Jose Hyatt May 2017

San Jose Hyatt May 2017


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