Approaching every project with a safety-first mentality.

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Metcalf Maintains an Authentic Commitment to Safety

At Metcalf we believe that there are no competing priorities to a zero-tolerance safety program. Safety is at the forefront of every decision we make. It is not the awards we are most proud of, rather the countless members of the Metcalf Family that go home safely to their families each day.

At Metcalf, safety is our number one, and integrity is our number two core value for a good reason. Simply put, a zero-tolerance safety program and doing the right thing, even when no one is looking, are not mutually exclusive. We approach every project with a safety-first mentality. Safety is never compromised to achieve any budget, quality, or schedule goal. We are committed to not only our employee’s safety but to the safety of our customers, trade partners, designers and engineers, and all other stakeholders that make up the Metcalf family.

Commitment to Safety

The Metcalf safety culture starts at the top with our President and CEO, Bryce Clutts, who leads by example by consistently championing our number one core value — safety — and educating our customers, trade partners, and all other stakeholders on this priority. At Metcalf, we don’t just focus on how we achieve a zero-tolerance safety program, but more importantly — the why. We believe that every member of the Metcalf family deserves to go home to their family each day as safely as they arrived here. Safety is more than just policies and procedures; it is about focusing on our employees’ mental and physical health as well as training and mentorship programs that provide a safe place to grow and learn.

Our Mission

It is our mission at Metcalf to provide growth opportunities for our valued employees, deliver on the commitments to our customers, positively impact the communities where we do business, and inspire future generations while adhering to our core values of safety, integrity, trust and excellence.


A strong partnership is built on trust and integrity, which is why these two words are incorporated into our core values. Every project is unique, so we aspire to give each customer and project our full attention. At Metcalf, we strive to be a partner beginning when the project is just a concept, and continue to be there for you through design and construction. That is why we call it the Metcalf family.