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Nevada State Bank is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the 2024 Nevada Business Awards, joining with business leaders across the state to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of outstanding local companies.

Each business being honored is unique, with its own history, its own set of challenges to be overcome and its own list of victories over those challenges. However, successful companies all share certain qualities that enable them to succeed despite any obstacles they face – qualities like resilience, creativity and perseverance. They pay attention to customer service, value teamwork and support the community where their employ-ees live and work.

Every year, we ask more than 500 Nevada businesses for their insights and outlook for the annual Nevada State Bank Small Business Survey—with 2024 marking our 11th report. Time and time again, business own-ers and leaders have proven that they have their finger on the pulse of our economy. This year, they are incredibly optimistic about the economy, the workforce and their business prospects in the coming year. More than 70 percent believe Nevada’s economy is heading in the right direction; more than 55 percent plan to increase their employees this coming year; and more than 66 percent are predicting increased profitability in 2024.

At NSB, we believe this optimism is right on target. This is just one of the reasons we’re happy to sponsor the Nevada Business Awards, honoring the achievements of these great companies and celebrating their success.

We are proud to have served the financial needs of Nevada businesses for nearly 65 years. Whether it’s helping with day-to-day cash flow needs, funding new equipment or providing capital to expand, we help provide the financial support needed to keep a business operating smoothly.

Congratulations to all the 2024 Nevada Business Award finalists, and especially to the winners announced by Nevada Business Magazine. We appreciate the chance to be a part of celebrating your accomplishments and we wish you continued success.
Please reach out if there is an opportunity to show you why it matters who you bank with.

Best Regards,
Terry Shirey, President and CEO
Rick Thomas, EVP/Northern Nevada Executive


Welcome to the fourth annual Nevada Business Awards! Thank you for being a part of this very special issue. There is a reason Nevada is known as the Battle Born state. Apart from the way Nevada became a state, the title resonates with Nevadans because of the resilience and perseverance it implies.

Battle Born is particularly applicable to Nevada businesses and entrepreneurs who have seen a rollercoaster of economic ups and downs over the past decade. Those that are still standing work leaner, better and are more adaptable to change.

The Nevada Business Awards exist to recognize these Battle Born businesses for their efforts and to applaud their hard work. The awards consist of eight distinct categories from micro enterprises to Business of the Year. Each category has three finalists in northern Nevada and three from southern Nevada. Finalists were chosen by two groups of judges representing both ends of the state and were selected from nominations submitted on their behalf.

The editorial team at Nevada Business Magazine thanks the judges for their work to choose the finalists. We also recognize that without our sponsor, Nevada State Bank, we would not be able to honor these businesses. Finally, we thank you, the business owners and executives that make up Nevada’s diverse professional landscape.

We hope to see you at the event this year and look forward to recognizing many more businesses in the future.

Pint Sized Powerhouse: Companies that Employ Nine or Less


Fletcher & Lee

Est. 2003

Started over 20 years ago, Fletcher & Lee began as the sole proprietorship law firm of attorney Cecilia Lee. A decade ago, Cecilia was joined by Elizabeth Fletcher who eventually assumed management of the firm.

Today, Fletcher & Lee, which specializes in bankruptcy and business law, has three full time employees and one part time employee in addition to a contracted of counsel lawyer. A service-orientated firm, Elizabeth is focused on preserving its reputation for cost-conscious and personalized services while ensuring the small business’ employees have an adequate work life balance.

Orthopaedic Implant Company

Est. 2010

With nine full time employees, Reno-based Orthopaedic Implant Company (OIC) is a micro-enterprise with big plans. Formed by Itai Nemovicher and Peter Althausen, a northern Nevada orthopaedic trauma surgeon, 14 years ago, OIC was conceptualized to reduce the cost of orthopaedic surgery in the United States. The company does so through innovative engineering techniques which help create products that are clinically equivalent to premium-branded implants at significantly reduced costs.

Itai and Peter hope to expand their business beyond orthopaedic devices into implants and create accessible and innovative medical tools for everyone.

Rich Jersey

Est. 2020

Rich Jersey and Gisela Carrillo had been working together for 11 years when they came up with the concept of specialty niche protein imports in northern Nevada. They had the goal of creating a business that could be run from anywhere while providing specialty meats to distributors, wholesale food companies and manufacturers, jerky companies and raw pet food companies, among others.

That concept became the business Rich Jersey, named after one of the founders. With four full time employees and two brokers, the business imports meats from all over the world while building relationships with US ranchers.



Est. 2001

A commercial real estate development firm which has helped deliver industrial office and hospitality products to Nevada, along with several other western states, LaPour was founded nearly 25 years ago by Jeffrey LaPour. The firm currently has over 500,000 square feet under development.

Jeffrey has a passion for repurposing obsolete projects and giving them modern makeovers to fit the needs of today’s user. With only 9 employees, LaPour’s team work well together to deliver large-scale projects. The longevity of LaPour’s employee base is notable and the firm’s VP of Asset Management, Lisa Chasteen, has been with the company for 22 years.

Legacy Woodworking and Design

Est. 2015

Inheriting tools from his father and fondly remembering time spent at his grandfather’s violin workshop, Ken Beck’s (right) business is an homage to his family’s history. In 2015, Legacy Woodworking and Design was formed. The business employs six, including co-owners Ken Beck and Eric Carr (left).

Ken and Eric have worked to create a network of woodworkers to deliver projects showcasing the art of woodworking throughout the valley. After the Route 91 shooting, Ken created a Nevada-shaped sign to benefit the Las Vegas Victims fund. With a small team, Ken and Eric value each member and realize the impact their employees have on their continued success.

Vegas Valley Balloons

Est. 2019

With two employees, Vegas Valley Balloons is the very definition of micro enterprise. The company was founded by Jessica Washington, an involved community member and autism advocate. It was her work in the community that led her to begin Vegas Valley Balloons. She developed a passion for balloon design after seeing how children with autism responded to the balloons.

“I know people look at what we do and think, ‘It’s just balloons,’” said Jessica. “Believe me, it’s always more than ‘just’ balloons.” Today her micro enterprise remains agile to provide personalized experiences for her clients and Jessica is committed to helping others become “balloonpreneurs”.

All in the Family: Companies That are Family Owned and Ran


Greg’s Garage

Est. 1991

Greg Doyle (center) started the aptly named Greg’s Garage after years of managing auto repair shops and gas stations. He’s a native Nevadan and gives back to the community. He also helps build up new mechanics by holding classes for anyone interested to help others get certifications necessary for the field.

“I love helping employees grow,” said Greg. “The automotive industry requires numerous skills to understand, including the latest in technology.” Today, Greg’s Garage has 24 full time employees, including his daughter Jessica, his son-in-law Tyler and his son, Nate. He is passing his love of the community and the work he does to his children.

McKenzie Construction

Est. 1953

What started as a general contracting firm, McKenzie has since grown into a full-service construction and property management organization boasting three-generations of ownership. Formed over 70 years ago by E.W. McKenzie, the organization has constructed over $1 billion in projects.

E.W.’s sons, Dale and Greg, have now passed the business to their sons. Today, Dale’s son, Todd McKenzie (left) and Greg’s son, Brien McKenzie, are co-owners of McKenzie Construction. “The company is rooted in family,” said Todd. “Not only has this influenced the way we have done business, but I think it has been a large part of our success.”

Reno Paint Mart

Est. 1952

Four-generations ago, John “Jake” Becker saw a gap in the Reno economy when it came to paint resources and was determined to fill that space. Working with Pabco Paints, Jake developed a product to fit the needs of northern Nevada’s community and Reno Paint Mart was born.

Today, with 35 full-time employees, the business is run by Jake’s grandson, Brad, who works alongside his children and co-owners. Jacob manages Truckee Paint Mart. Braeden manages Reno Paint Mart. Kayla has an administrative role at the organization. The organization recognizes the legacy of a family-owned and run business and intends to keep that legacy strong in the coming years.


DragonRidge Country Club

Est. 2000

Formed nearly 25 years ago, DragonRidge Country Club is the result of Richard MacDonald’s vision, leadership and hard work. Having a development background, Richard wanted to integrate homes into the hillsides found in the southeast side of the Las Vegas Valley. As part of the master plan, Richard included a championship golf club and the country club to accompany it.

Two generations are now involved in DragonRidge. Working alongside his wife, Claire, their daughters, Nicole and Paige are also involved in the operations. Richard credits his own close relationship with his parents for his family-centric approach to business.

Michaelson Law

Est. 1992

A background with the Nevada Securities Division as director of securities registration and licensing served as a launching point for Paul Michaelson to begin Michaelson Law over 30 years ago.

The firm specializes in business and estate planning and, through it, Paul passed his appreciation of the law onto his children. In 2003, Paul’s son, John (pictured), began working with the firm after joining the Nevada Bar two-years prior. Today, John serves as CEO and Paul is Of Client Counsel for the firm. The two are joined by Paul’s daughter Melissa who works as a case manager and granddaughter Grace who serves as marketing director.

Steelman Partners

Est. 1987

Paul Steelman formed Steelman Partners, an international architectural firm, in southern Nevada nearly 40 years ago. A native of Atlantic City, Paul was raised within view of entertainment architecture and developed a passion for the niche early. Originally joining the firm’s Asia office in Macau, Paul’s daughter, Suzanne Taylor, now works with him in Las Vegas serving as the vice president of strategy for the company.

“I am deeply grateful to witness my daughter stepping into her father’s footsteps, just as I once did with my father,” said Paul. “Yet, our business isn’t merely a familial lineage, it’s a broader family, a community of individuals who share mutual respect, collaboration and a unified vision.”

The Overcomers: Minority or Women-Owned Business


Bully’s Sports Bar

Est. 1994

Started by Jo Lown and her husband Paul Sonner, Bully’s Sports Bar has been through a roller-coaster of challenges. “Paul and I started the business on a wing and a prayer,” said Jo. “Neither of us had experience in the bar, restaurant or gaming industry so we learned everything through the school of hard knocks.” After a hiatus from the business, Jo took over full ownership in 2009 when Paul passed away suddenly. As owner, Jo saw the business through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and COVID.

Today, Bully’s has nearly 300 employees across 11 locations. A testament to her hard work, as of press time, Jo sold the business after 25 years to spend more time with family.

Grand Sierra Resort and Casino

Est. 2011

What began in 1978 as MGM Grand Reno, Grand Sierra Resort and Casino (GSR) was born in 2011 from the vision of owner and CEO Alex Meruelo. Alex is the son of Cuban immigrants who escaped the Castro regime.

An entrepreneur at heart, Alex began in the pizza industry and acquired a diversity of companies before setting his sights on a distressed resort on 150 acres in Reno. He not only turned the property around, GSR will soon be home to a $1 billion arena and entertainment district with the largest private capital investment in Reno’s history. Alex lives by the words, “When a prepared mind meets opportunity, anything is possible.”

Small Strides

Est. 2008

Opening Small Strides during the Great Recession in 2008, Ryan Putzer isn’t one to shy away from difficult tasks. Ryan was motivated to start Small Strides, a privately owned preschool and infant toddler nursery after recalling her own aversion to preschool. Since opening, Ryan has faced closures, recessions and regulation changes, in addition to overcoming traditional stereotypes a woman faces in business.

“Despite these challenges, I have remained resilient and focused on my goals,” she explained. “I have worked hard to earn the respect of my peers and colleagues in the industry, proving that gender does not define my capabilities as a business owner.”



Est. 2020

While working to provide IT services to a medical lab at the onset of the COVID pandemic, Jaswant Tony realized a critical gap in services for the healthcare industry. “It was during this engagement that I uncovered a significant issue plaguing the healthcare industry: the inefficiency of existing laboratory information management systems,” said Jaswant.

Knowing the urgent need for efficiency in laboratory operations during that time, Jaswant began GoMeyra to provide more streamlined processes. Self-funding and establishing the business in record time, just two and a half months, Jaswant takes an innovative and flexible approach to business.

KME Architects

Est. 2009

Melvin Green was inspired to form KME Architects, a full-service architectural firm, because of his love for the arts and for problem-solving in the building industry. He said he’s inspired by, “the desire to create something new that will serve the needs of the client.”

Founded by Melvin and Emanuele Arguelles, KME Architects has created architecturally beautiful designs throughout the Valley. Melvin advises other potential business owners to, “Be prepared to face obstacles such as limited resources, bias or lack of funds and find innovative ways to overcome them. Seek mentorship [and] capital investment.”


Est. 2016

Debra Isaacs got the idea for Unshakeable while looking for reality show ideas at a “Women in Need of Change” (WIN) specialty court hearing. Listening to women’s stories and reflecting on her own struggles, Debra made a connection and realized she could make a difference. She founded Unshakeable, a nonprofit that serves women in recovery from homelessness, domestic violence, substance addiction and human trafficking.

The organization actively partners with WIN Court, along with other organizations in the region. Unshakeable, led by Debra, helps connect women to workforce development so they can gain independence.

The Newbie: Companies That Have Been in Business for Less Than Ten Years


Fratelli Pizza

Est. 2019

Located in the first new development in West Wendover in decades, Fratelli Pizza has seen challenges since its inception. In 2021, Jeff Durham purchased the business after seeing the potential. Originally only take-out and delivery, Fratelli expanded last year to a 3,000 square foot dining room and bar.

Explaining his passion for the business, Jeff said, “Many years ago, my brother passed away in a car accident. Every year we eat pizza on his birthday to remember him; I was his favorite food. When doing my due diligence before purchasing Fratelli Pizza, I discovered that fratellii means brothers in Italian which sealed the deal for me.”

Western Ceramics/Lilac Solutions

Est. 2016 (2022 in Nevada)

A wholly owned subsidiary of Lilac Solutions, Western Ceramics is the Nevada arm of the business. Established in 2022 in Fernley, the organization provides engineering and operational services to some of the world’s largest lithium projects. Founded by Dave Snydacker in the Bay Area, the Nevada entity is run by Matt McCall who serves as executive vice president.

In Nevada, Lilac Solutions/Western Ceramics has a 480,000 square foot facility that serves as home to the organizations Bead Manufacturing, a process whereby the proprietary ceramic ion-exchange media is manufactured for use in lithium extraction projects all over the world.

Westex Consulting Engineers

Est. 2020

Providing engineering serves such as soil assessments for land development and improvement projects, Westex Consulting Engineers was started four years ago by Blake Carter through the acquisition of Nortech Geotechnical Civil Consultants. Since then, the organization managed to triple their business operations and now has 28 full time employees.

“Their growth trajectory, marked by diverse roles and distinctive experiences, has carved a unique path that sets them apart from other local engineering firms,” said Kristi Mangler, office manager for Westex.
Blake is also actively involved in the Optimist Club of Reno where he serves on the Board of Directors.



Est. 2022

Having grown up in Las Vegas, Brooks Smith (right) knows the local community well. When he began looking for a new venture after COVID, international franchise ChopValue caught his eyes as something that could be successful in the “Entertainment Capital of the World”.

The organization uses recycled chopsticks to create office furniture, home décor, kitchen accessories and games. Brooks brought the first U.S.-based microfactory of ChopValue to southern Nevada. The organization has partnerships with over 100 local restaurants to take their used chopsticks and, rather than having them clog landfills, upcycles them to useful and sellable products.


Est. 2021

A restaurant management company founded in 2021 to manage a portfolio of businesses, Scalex3 represents the start of a southern Nevada dynasty. Partnering together, Barry Tu (left), Randy Corrigan (right) and McKenzie Cox created Scalex3 to manage restaurants that collectively generate $30 million each year. The three intend to triple in size in the next three years.

Barry opened his first restaurant when he was only 26 years old with no previous restaurant background. Barry and team now have nine restaurants in operation with 12 in the pipeline. Restaurants include The Broken Yolk, Marufuku Ramen and Taco Reforma.

Valley Oaks Medical Group

Est. 2020

A primary care clinic with nine locations in southern Nevada, Valley Oaks Medical Group enacts a patient-first healthcare model with a focus on preventative care. The organization got its start in the Las Vegas Valley with the acquisition of two medical clinics.

The company is run by Marie Price who considers the ability to serve the community in a primary care capacity to be a privilege. Since its inception, Valley Oaks has grown by 400 percent, primarily through word-of-mouth marketing. Marie hopes to further expand the clinic’s reach while enhancing public health through proactive preventative care strategies.

Battle Born: Companies That Have Been in Business for More Than 25 Years


Carson Medical Group

Est. 1974

Fifty years ago, two physicians partnered together to provide primary care to Carson City. That same organization, Carson Medical Group, now has over 50 medical providers, four medical specialties and locations in Carson City, Minden and Reno. The organization’s top executive is Dr. James Breeden who oversees nearly 220 employees.

Carson Medical Group recognizes the necessity to innovate and credits that willingness to adapt with the medical group’s longevity. This innovation was tested with the COVID pandemic when Carson Medical Group as a whole learned to pivot en masse to constant changes and updated guidelines.


Est. 1967 (1990 in Nevada)

A manufacturer of precision motion control solutions, CGI serves industries ranging from industrial automation to medical, semi-conductor and aerospace. Founded by Don Snow in 1967, he moved the company to Carson City in 1990.

In 2006, Don retired and sold the company to Mike Madison (left), chief executive officer, and Brian Coclich, the president and chief operating officer. Working alongside to lead the company today is Zach Madison who serves as chief financial officer. The company is highly decorated and is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control gearboxes as well as supplier of engineered medical motion control sub-assemblies.

Martin Iron Works

Est. 1939

With an impressive 85 years in business, Martin Iron Works is one of northern Nevada’s longest running businesses. The company was started by Martin Schwamb who moved to New York from Germany in 1922. Working in the structural steel industry, Martin moved to Reno in 1936. Eventually Martin passed leadership to long-time employee Piero Bullentini.

Piero worked for Martin Iron Works for 64 years, serving as president for 31 of those years. Today the organization is run by his children, Mario and Trish. Their advice for longevity in business is simple, “Save up for that rainy day, or rainy year. Treat your employees well. Produce a quality product and be involved in your business and business’ industry.”


Ferraro’s Ristorante

Est. 1985

Founded by Gino and Rosalba Ferraro (left) in 1985, Ferraro’s Ristorante will celebrate 40 years in business next year. The restaurant began as an Italian deli and eatery, with Gino’s mother in the kitchen providing traditional recipes.

Today, the family’s son, Mimmo, serves as an executive chef and partner, and together they’ve worked hard to evolve the business from the deli to a renowned fine dining venue. Gino and Mimmo are involved in every aspect of the business. The family believes the key to their longevity has been passion, dedication, consistency, presence in their business and treating customers like family.

MDL Group

Est. 1989

MDL Group, a real estate brokerage firm, began as a conversation between Carol Cline-Ong and Curt Anderson in 1989. The two had been working together at a development company when Curt suggested they start a new company as 50/50 partners. Carol took the weekend to pray about the decision and came back with, “Why not?”

Nearly 35 years, over 50 employees and countless deals later and that question of “Why not?” never produced a good answer as MDL’s success speaks for itself. Today the company’s leadership team has grown to include Hayim Mizrachi and Jarrad Katz.

TSK Architects

Est. 1960

What began as George G. Tate & Associates nearly 65 years ago has gone through a few iterations over the years. Today the organization is known as TSK Architects and has grown to one of the leading architecture firms in the southwest.

Founded by George G. Tate, the firm changed to Tate & Snyder Architects when George was joined by Bill Snyder. Windom Kimsey, who recently retired, joined in 1991 and brought with him a focus on sustainability in design. Under Windom’s leadership the firm has expanded beyond its Nevada roots and now has locations in California and Arizona.

Others First: Companies that have Contributed Significantly to the Community


ITS Logistics

Est. 1999

With 20 years of logistics sales experience under his belt, Jeff Lynch brought fellow northern Nevadans Dan Allen and Darryl Bader together to form ITS Logistics. Within its first year it became a $1 million company.

Today ITS has 1,000 employees and has sold to GHK Capital Partners. One thing the business remains known for is its commitment to giving back to the community. In the last year ITS has committed nearly $1 million to local charities, education institutions and organizations. In addition, the company has donated over $600,000 to form a partnership with the University of Nevada, Reno College of Business to develop and manage a new logistics education program.

Metcalf Builders

Est. 1994

Norman “Red” Metcalf, a third-generation carpenter, passed a respect for the construction industry on to his son, Tom Metcalf. The first in has family to attain a college degree, Tom took after his father and started Metcalf Builders in 1994. In 2018, Bryce Clutts joined the company as president and runs the business today as president and CEO.

Metcalf’s leadership believes giving back to the community is essential to their business operations. Metcalf’s purpose statement is, “It is our commitment that the work we do will provide growth opportunities for our valued employees, positively impact the communities where we do business and inspire future generations.”

Tolles Development

Est. 2016

Par Tolles began Tolles Development nearly a decade ago with a focus on commercial real estate development with, “intent, purpose and creativity.” The company approaches work with a community-first mindset and gives back through time and money. On the latter, Tolles donated over $50,000 last year to support local northern Nevada causes.

In addition, the Tolles’ team has donated their expertise to prop-bono work, helping nonprofits build needed infrastructure. Over the past five years, the organization has brought to life over $50 million in nonprofit projects with another $35 million of projects planned.


DRIVEN NeuroRecovery Center

Est. 2018

Conquer Paralysis Now (CPN) started in 2000 with the goal of finding a cure for paralysis and helping those living with neurological conditions gain independence. A natural growth of that goal was DRIVEN NeuroRecovery Center, a program of CPN.

The center focuses specifically on offering fitness and neurorecovery services to those with physical or neurological disabilities or injuries. Last year the organization, which was founded by Sam Schmidt, cared for 212 individuals through nearly 8,000 therapist and trainer supervised visits. Nearly 60 percent of those visits were financially subsidized through fundraising.


Est. 1965

(2009 in nevada)

Founded in San Francisco in 1965 by Art Gensler as a small architecture and interior design firm, Gensler formed in Nevada in 2009. With only $200 to his name, Art started Gensler with this wife Drue and their colleague James Follet.

Today the company is run by Brett Robillard and has instituted a program known as “G-Serve”, a formal group within the company that is focused on pro-bono work in the community. Gensler works with a network of over 260 community partner organizations because giving back was one of Art’s core values. With 53 offices around the world, Gensler has an international reach with each local co-CEO committed to the mission of community giving.

Moonridge Group

Est. 2011

After serving as founding CEO of Three Square Food Bank, Julie began Moonridge Group, a philanthropy consulting firm that advises funders, individual philanthropists and family foundations seeking to strengthen their philanthropic impact.

While helping others direct their efforts, the team at Moonridge practices what they preach and began the Moonridge Foundation. The Foundation runs programs such as Delivering with Dignity which insures impoverished southern Nevada families have access to food. In addition, the Foundation hosts the annual Philanthropy Leader’s Summit to connect and educate donors from around the state.

Hearts Wide Open: Nonprofit Organizations


The Children’s Cabinet

Est. 1985

Reno businessman, Michael Dermody, and family court judge, Charles McGee, got together in 1985 with the intention of creating a high-level “Cabinet” of public officials and business leaders to address the needs of children in the community. A private nonprofit organization, The Children’s Cabinet consists of public-private partnerships which serve over 15,000 families each year.

The organization’s mission is to, “Keep children safe and families together.” It achieves that mission by providing programs and services at no charge to youth and their families to help address unmet needs. Led by CEO Kim Young, the nonprofit has over 30 programs and services.

Nevada Women’s Fund

Est. 1982

In the early-80s, Lynn Atcheson, Barbara Thornton and Maya Miller put their heads together to help create opportunities for women and families in northern Nevada. Together they formed the Nevada Women’s Fund (NWF). At the time there was an imbalance of financial assistance for women and less than 6 percent of grants and financial aid went to women.

Led today by president and CEO Ila Achtabowski, NWF’s mission is to “Empower women to achievement through education and career advancement.” The organization provides grants and scholarships among other support. This year NWF expects to award $500,000 to deserving women.

Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum/The Discovery

Est. 2004

Formed as a nonprofit organization by Chris Riche in 2004, Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum, known as the Discovery, opened its doors in 2011. Originally conceptualized as a children’s museum, the nonprofit shifted focus in 2013 under the helm of its current leader, Mat Sinclair. Today the Discovery focuses on hands-on science exhibits and programs aimed at all ages.

The Discovery’s Mission is, “To inspire by being the place to experience science.” The museum has annual attendance of nearly 200,000 and aims at reaching 300,000 by next year. In 2023, the Discovery began an outreach program to bring science learning to rural communities.


Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas

Est. 2007

On August 8, 2007 Ann Diggins opened the doors to the Coral Academy of Science Las Vegas (CASLV), a community driven school committed to supporting various initiatives and focused on education, outreach and service.

Led today by Ercan Aydogdu, CASLV’s mission is, “To provide a safe, rigorous college preparatory environment that promotes social responsibility and a culturally diverse community dedicated to becoming lifelong learners bound for success.” The school achieves this mission through community events and service projects, partnerships with local organizations and outreach to under-represented groups.

Junior Achievement of Southern Nevada

Est. 1919 (1996 in Nevada)

A national organization, Junior Achievement’s (JA) mission is, “To empower youth to their own economic success.” The organization was founded by Theodore Vail, president of American Telephone and Telegraph, Horace Moses, president of Strathmore Paper Co and Senator Murray Crane of Massachusetts.

JA works to achieve its mission by helping to prepare young people for the real world by giving them tools and education to manage their finances. The southern Nevada chapter is led by Michelle Jackson and recently purchased a 40,000 square foot building which is being transformed into the JA Inspiration Center.

The Mob Museum

Est. 2012

Founded by former Las Vegas Mayor, and well-known defense attorney for mobsters, Oscar B. Goodman, the Mob Museum is one of the most-recognized museums in southern Nevada. Formerly a US Post Office and Courthouse, the iconic building that houses the Mob Museum was sold by the federal government in 2002 to the City of Las Vegas for $1. The stipulation on the sale was that the building be preserved and used as a cultural center.

The Mob Museum, or the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement’s mission is, “To advance the public understanding of organized crime’s history and impact on American society.”

Spirit of Nevada: Business in Nevada


Dolan Auto Group

Est. 1982

Now in its 41st year in business, Dolan Auto Group was started by Tom Dolan and is run today by Tom’s sons Ryan, CEO and Brady, COO. What began with Tom’s purchase of Reno Toyota, turning it into Dolan Toyota, is now a legacy of the largest automotive group in the region.

The company organizes annual giving campaigns such as the Dolan Class Project Education Campaign. This campaign awards funds to students, teachers and administrators to upgrade classrooms or schools. The Dolan Family is particularly passionate about supporting youth in northern Nevada and encourages others to get involved and help foster student success.

Dragonfly Energy

Est. 2012

Founded by Dr. Denis Phares, Dragonfly Energy is focused on pioneering a novel approach to lithium battery cell manufacturing. Dr. Phares recognized a need for grid stability solutions as more users adopt renewable energy options and set about finding a way to develop safe, cost-effective and locally manufactured energy storage. To help support its efforts, Dragonfly Energy brought to market Battle Born Batteries, a deep cycle lithium battery pack which has become a popular off-grid battery solution.

The company has committed to partnering with organizations in northern Nevada and fostering mutually beneficial relationships with local stakeholders.

Walton’s Funerals & Cremations

Est. 1959

Ed McCaffery, a former member of the Special Forces Airborne division moved to Reno in 1959 and purchased the original Walton’s funeral home. Joining her father in 1986, Tammy Dermody helped grow Walton’s into what it is today. Tammy’s community involvement has made a lasting impact on the funeral home, and she sits on the advisory board of several local nonprofits.

In 2019, long-time employees Rick Noel (right) and Kim Kandaras purchased Walton’s with the intention of carrying on the Walton’s legacy. The company’s mission is to continue to nurture and support hurting families while honoring their loved ones with dignity.


Martin-Harris Construction

Est. 1976

Founded by carpenters Frank Martin and Frank Harris, Martin-Harris Construction has become a staple in southern Nevada. The company formed with the goal of providing a better standard of service to clients. After Frank Harris left the business, Martin carried the mantle and grew the company significantly. His son, Guy, a 30-year construction veteran, became president in 2016.

Martin-Harris believes the community’s support has been chief to their success and leadership remains actively involved in local organizations. In addition, the company is truly Nevada-focused with 80 percent of its leadership being Nevada born and raised.

NV Energy

Est. 1857

Serving Nevada for over 150 years, NV Energy is a well-known utility whose roots go back to the California Gold Rush. The company began serving Las Vegas in 1906 as Consolidated Power and Telephone. Eventually, as NV Energy acquired other Nevada power companies, it became known as Nevada Power and was the first Nevada-based company to have its common stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

In July 1999, Nevada Power, Sierra Pacific Power and Sierra Pacific Resources merged, doing business as NV Energy. Headquartered in Las Vegas, the company was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway Energy in 2013 and is led today by Doug Cannon.

Roseman University

Est. 1999

What started as an idea to improve pharmacy education formed into the Nevada College of Pharmacy by Dr. Harry Rosenberg, Dr. Renee Coffman and Dr. Charles Lacy. Now, known as Roseman University of Health Sciences, the school has colleges of pharmacy, nursing, dental medicine and graduate studies and is working on developing an MD-granting College of Medicine.

Roseman has generated an economic impact of $253.7 million, supported 2,088 jobs and produced $7.9 million in tax revenue according to a 2023 study by Tripp Umbach. Currently Roseman is in the midst of a three-phase, eight-year expansion to its Summerlin campus.