Together We Are Building the Future

Metcalf, formerly Metcalf Builders, Inc. (MBI), is pleased to announce the renewal of its brand and graphic identity. The new brand recognizes the two founders of our company, Red Metcalf and Tom Metcalf, and forever solidifies their name in the color and boldness of our new identity. It also reflects how we shape and develop our communities by building the future together. The new identity was launched internally in December 2022 and has since been deployed across all markets.

“We needed to evolve our identity and market position to reflect where we came from while still providing our operations and strategic ambitions with a strong direction for what’s to come. Taking on a new brand whose history and family-centric culture stretches back 30 years, was something we knew we wanted to keep at the core of our new identity,” says Bryce Clutts, President and CEO of Metcalf.

Based on insights from an in-depth brand analysis, the position of “Together we are building the future” is an important complement to Metcalf’s history. It builds on the unique Metcalf culture, which already distinguishes us throughout the United States; a culture based on core values of safety, integrity, trust, and excellence, which are all the foundation for the company to strengthen our reputation among our operational teams, clients, and community. Bringing in the collective “we” brings us together even more by bolstering our professional mastery, know-how, and a sense of responsibility to our clients and to each other. It also reflects our mentality at Metcalf, where we know that every decision, large or small, not only impacts our projects but our relationships.

Together, with our partner in the process, V2Works, our new identity has been translated into a bold, optimistic, and forward-looking brand that is rooted in bright color, architectonic references, and human-centric imagery. As part of this initiative, our logo has been modernized, given a livelier color, and adapted to optimize readability.