Metcalf Builders has completed construction of its new office space in Reno.

The building, spanning 12,600 square feet, integrates 6,300 square feet of office with an additional 6,300 square feet dedicated to warehouse operations.

Features include a moss wall at the entry way, the integration of multiple glass elements, high ceilings and an open-office environment. A standout feature of the office is the conference room, designed with a radiused ceiling that mirrors the “M” for the Metcalf Builders brand.

Additionally, the design of the ceilings and restrooms replicates the luxury and comfort of the hotels the company has built, and current technology has been integrated for access controls, AV systems and sound transfer mitigation.

The inclusion of warehouse space provides extra room for equipment management, service operations, logistics and training. Metcalf’s decision to relocate to Reno was driven by proximity to employees, clients and the Reno Tahoe airport.

“We are very excited to unveil our new office space in Reno. Our team put so much into building this office, and we couldn’t be more proud of how they brought the vision to life,” said Metcalf President & CEO Bryce Clutts. “Every aspect has been meticulously curated to enhance our team’s experience, and we look forward to our continued growth in the market and supporting this community.”