Reno, NV (Western Nevada College (WNC) announced today that Bryce Clutts, CEO and President of Metcalf Builders, has joined the WNC Foundation as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Clutts joins a number of other notable board members on the foundation, whose mission is to develop resources in support of Western Nevada College by creating community partnerships, encouraging philanthropy and strengthening relationships between the college and the community it serves.

“I am extremely proud to become a board member of the WNC Foundation,” Clutts said. “This college offers tremendous programs for its students and helps the workforce by turning out top-notch graduates. As a general contractor based in northern Nevada, we are pleased to support its construction-centric programs and all the other programs that ultimately help local businesses hire future talent in our own communities.”

WNC, located at 2201 W. College Parkway in Carson City, provides effective educational pathways for the students and communities of Nevada. It is an integral and innovative educational partner fostering equity and a life of learning in an inclusive environment for the evolving, diverse communities it serves. It is student centered, inquiry driven and data informed as it nurtures community connections and promotes an environment of equity and inclusion. 

WNC’s core themes are focused on the educational pathways it provides to build a framework focused directly on its students and their achievements. Transfer education and professional education pathways serve the students and the communities in which they live by advancing career opportunities and imparting skills to successfully navigate an increasingly complex and connected world. 

“I am thrilled to welcome Bryce to the WNC Foundation Board,” said WNC Foundation Executive Director Niki Gladys. “His extensive experience and leadership in the construction industry make him an important addition to our board. Metcalf has been a steadfast supporter of WNC, including their exceptional work building the Jack C. Davis Observatory and their ongoing support of WNC’s Construction Management program. With Bryce’s involvement, I am confident that we will continue to advance our mission of providing exceptional educational opportunities for WNC students. We are honored to have him on board, and I look forward to working closely with Bryce and leveraging his expertise to further the success of our Foundation.”

About Metcalf Builders

As a leading general contractor, Metcalf specializes in commercial construction and construction management in both the public and private sectors. The firm’s owners, employees and staff come from diverse backgrounds in commercial construction, with work spanning across the United States. Its philosophy that “together, we are building the future” allows the company to maintain a trusting and proactive approach with its clients and its vast array of projects.

Since Metcalf’s inception in 1994, its mission has been to create a full-service commercial construction company with professionals that have integrity and skills to achieve objectives through an open, interactive culture that fosters a team approach and a thorough understanding of clients’ needs. The Metcalf team believes in developing relationships to deliver the optimum combination of cost, quality and timing while addressing specific project requirements. Its professionals hold decades of experience in all forms of construction to accomplish this. More information can be accessed at