Metcalf Builders, an award-winning construction company headquartered in northern Nevada, announced today the company has been retained for the renovation of the One 18 West Apartments, located at 118 West Street in the heart of Downtown Reno.

Originally constructed over a century ago, the building has been a key part of Reno’s history. It served as a boarding house during the Comstock Era, providing shelter to the workers who fueled the city’s growth.

Several months ago, Metcalf Builders began the extensive preparation phase, involving asbestos abatement, demolition, and structural stabilization, laying the groundwork for the renovation.  The Metcalf team will begin the revitalization of this historic building and turn it into a modern-living apartment complex.  The One 18 West Apartments will be a residential complex that will offer 86 new units. Among the units will be 47 studio apartments and 39 one-bedroom residences, complemented by amenities such as a fitness center and future retail space, creating a luxury living environment in downtown Reno.

“We are excited to undertake the renovation of such a historic building,” said Metcalf Builders President and CEO Bryce Clutts. “The One 18 West Apartments project is not just about modernizing a structure, it’s about preserving a piece of Reno’s history while creating a vibrant, contemporary living space.”

The project, valued at $13.2 million, is expected to span over the next year, with an estimated completion date set for May 2025.